Thursday, May 4 at 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Dreamland Ballroom
800 W 9th St, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Come on down (or better up) to the Ballroom to see a spectacular series of paintings depicting a host of rambunctious jazz musicians. The paintings were done by Ed Brewer and donated by his son-in-law Don Wood. The jazz series was inspried by a Santa Barabara jazz club that gave Brewer the desire to completely reinvent his artistic style. Learning to use new media and techniques he painted these vibrant portraits. After a few years the jazz club, that influenced the creation of these works and housed them, closed. 
Brewer's relatives, daughter Audrey and son-in-law Don Wood, then sought a new and worthy place for the series of jazz paintings. Enter the Friends of Dreamland.


 Dancing into Dreamland 2016

Dancing into Dreamland 2015

Temple of Dreams

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