Dancing into Dreamland is an annual event hosted by the Friends of Dreamland. In earlier years before the ballroom had been renovated the events were held at the Arkansas Governor's Mansion but 2012 marked the first year that the event was held in the Dreamland Ballroom. Photos below are from past Dancing into Dreamland years.

Winners of the 2015 Dancing into Dreamland!

People's Choice Award

Hot Springs Middle School Dance Troupe

1st Place Winners Outstanding Volunteer
Arkansas Circus Arts Richard Davis
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Dancing into Dreamland 2014 Winners

People's Choice 1st Place Winners
Laruen Middleton & Lauren Rodriguez
Dance Dynamics

Shuffles & Ballet II
Thriller Ensamble

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Dancing into Dreamland 2013 Winners  
2013 1st place winners Emily Karnes and Anthony Bryant 2013 People's Choice winners Kim and Mike Nelson

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Winners 2012

2012 1st place winners Jeremiah and Malarie Delavega 2012 People's Choice winners Gracie Stover and Marina Redlich

peoples choice

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Winners 2011

2011 1st place winners Hailey Daniel, Payton Davis and Shelby Robertson 2011 People's Choice winners - Natalie and Chris Madison

peoples choice

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Winners 2010

2010 1st place winners Jonathan Bostick and Allison Stodala Wilson 2010 People's Choice winners Laurie Rash and Wesley Crocker

peoples choice

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Dancing into Dreamland 2016

Dancing into Dreamland 2015

Temple of Dreams

 Dreamland in the Movies