Rent the Dreamland Ballroom for your event

Dreamland Ballroom was chosen by wedding photographers in Central Arkansas as one of their favorite spaces for engagement and wedding photos in InArkansas magazine.

Fashion photographers have also fallen for Dreamland for a great space for their photographs, Dreamland was the featured location for the entire April 2013 cover story and multi-page fashion week spread in Arkansas Life magazine. Here is a great video shot in the ballroom during the Style Setters shoot.

The Ballroom is only available to rent in the Spring and Fall and has some limitations.  Please see below:

  • Dreamland can only be rented for private parties or a fundraiser for a non-profit. It cannot be used as a for-profit venue.
  • The ballroom is on the 3rd floor and currently has no elevator access.  So all of your guests must be able to walk up stairs.
  • It costs $3500  for a 4 hour rental
  • Set up may start the day before, we provide a lift
  • No “For Profit” ticketed events
  • The ballroom has no heating or air conditioning, so we suggest events during the mild weather months, where we can open the windows.
  • To help us get an elevator and HVAC go to our donate page.  Your contribution is tax deductable.

You handle the food and beverage any way you like - no open flame in the ballroom.

Despite the restrictions above, Brides and Grooms across the state have found Dreamland to be the perfect backdrop for their wedding and reception.

Contact us for details on how to rent the Dreamland Ballroom for your wedding or photo session.

Below are a few pictures from various photography sessions held in the Dreamland Ballroom.

Photos from Past Rentals of the Dreamland Ballroom

As you can see from the varied photos above the Dreamland Ballroom appeals on many levels to many different people. Contact us to rent the ballroom today!

Dancing into Dreamland 2016

Dancing into Dreamland 2015

 Temple of Dreams

 Dreamland in the Movies